After 21 years, Public Education Network (PEN) closed its doors effective December 31, 2012. PEN was a network of local education funds (LEFs) -- community based organizations in high poverty school districts across the United States that continue to work with their school districts and communities to improve public education for the nation's most disadvantaged children. At the national level, PEN raised the importance of public engagement as an essential component of education reform. It brought the voice of LEFs and the communities they represent into the national education debate. Finally, PEN gave voice to the essential nature of the connection between quality public education and a healthy and thriving democracy. More about PEN is available here.

In addition to the collaborative, "on-the-ground" work that PEN accomplished, the organization also published and funded a wealth of documentation on a variety of issues and policies. This collection of written works continues to be shared here. Works published by PEN now carry a Creative Commons license to ensure accessibility and promote widespread sharing. Please see the FAQ about how to best link to and re-purpose content under this license.

Public Education Network (PEN) Members Directory

The most recent directory of Public Education Network (PEN) members nationwide. The list includes contact information for 75 member organizations. … more

Public Education Network (PEN) Network Data Review March, 2012

The PEN National Office Data Department's review of key data points for the network, including: * PEN College- and Career-Ready Compact * Effective LEF Strategies * LEF Scorecard * College College- and Career and Career-Readiness * Effective... … more

Standards for Local Education Funds (LEFs)

The following standards have been adopted by Public Education Network (PEN). They were first developed and recommended for use by education support organizations by the National Commission on Civic Investment in Public Education (2011), which had... … more

VUE: Civic Investment in Public Education Winter 2012, Number 32

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) at Brown University partnered with Public Education Network to highlight the findings of PEN's National Commission on Civic Investment in Public Education, which met for 18 months and issued its final... … more

Communities of Color And Public School Reform: Findings from Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The objectives of this research project were to: * Understand the perceptions of low- to moderate-income African-American and Latino parents/caregivers concerning the schools in their communities and the schools their children attend. *... … more

Qué es una escuela pública de calidad?

Una escuela pública de calidad prepara a todos estudiantes para triunfar. Los expertos coinciden en que las escuelas públicas de calidad tienen las siguientes características. … more

Who's for Public Education? Give Kids Good Schools Guide to Elected Officials and Candidates

Elected officials at every level have a responsibility to ensure that all children have quality public schools that prepare them for college and a career. In turn, individuals have a powerful role when it comes to electing candidates and passing... … more

What Makes a Quality School?

A quality public school prepares all students to succeed. Experts agree that quality public schools share a variety of characteristics. This fact sheet lays each one out. … more

A Guide to Decision-Making in Schools

When it comes to broad questions about public schools -- like how money is spent, what classes are taught, and what extracurricular programs are offered -- decisions are made at many levels and it can be unclear who to go to for answers. The... … more

A Guide to Working with the Media

A guide developed to help users work with local media to maximize the impact of Give Kids Good Schools Week events. … more