In 2012, Public Education Network (PEN) closed its doors after 21 years. PEN was a network of local education funds (LEFs) -- community based organizations in high poverty school districts across the United States -- that continue to work with their school districts and communities to improve public education for the nation's most disadvantaged children.

At the national level, PEN raised the importance of public engagement as an essential component of education reform. It brought the voice of LEFs and the communities they represent into the national education debate. Finally, PEN gave voice to the essential nature of the connection between quality public education and a healthy and thriving democracy.

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Paterson Education Fund: Findings from a Citywide Survey of 400 Adults in Paterson, NJ - 2010

November 10, 2010

Interview dates: March 30 - April 8, 2010. The survey reached 400 adults in Paterson, NJ. The data were weighted slightly by gender and age, in order to ensure that it accurately reflects the demographic configuration of the Paterson population.Margin of error (MOE) for the sample is +/- 4.9 percentage points. The MOE is larger when analyzing data for subgroups (race, gender, region).This presentation also reports on data from 2008 Civic Index study in order to allow a comparison of trends. The 2008 data is from the Paterson Civic Index poll of 400 adults conducted February 27-March 3, 2008 (MOE is the same).

Civic Index for Education

Community Accountability for Quality Schools: Results of the 2008 National Poll and the Civic Index for Quality Public Education - Executive Summary

June 24, 2008

Describes what various sectors of a community must do to support public education. These sectors, or 'categories' of community support, as described in this document, must hold themselves and each other accountable for each playing their part. And ultimately the public will be the arbiter of whether they have succeeded.

Civic Index for Education

PEN National Civic Index Analysis

June 1, 2008

See Results of 2008 National Civic Index Poll, conducted by Lake Research.

Civic Index for Education

Paterson Education Fund Index Survey: Findings from a Citywide Survey of 400 Adults in Paterson, NJ - 2008

April 1, 2008

Lake Research Partners designed and administered this survey, which was conducted by phone using professional interviewers. The survey reached a base sample of 400 adults in Paterson, New Jersey.The survey was conducted February 27-March 3, 2008.Interviews were conducted in both Spanish and English, with 67% of interviews among Latinos in Spanish.The margin of error for this sample of 400 adults in Paterson is +/-4.9 percentage points.

Civic Index for Education

National Civic Index for Quality Public Education Toolkit

November 27, 2007

It is commonly assumed that the responsibility for education lies solely with schools. However all educators, students, family members, community members and organizations, public officials, businesses, media, policy makers, and postsecondary institutions share responsibility for providing a quality education to all our children and youth. Each of us has to step up and fulfill our role in supporting quality public education.The National Civic Index for Quality Public Education (Index) is a tool to help identify the areas in which communities excel and the areas where communities need assistance in supporting public education.This introduction is the gateway to using the index in your community as well as the nation. As you work your way through these materials keep this question in mind: How can you use the information and suggestions included in this material to help you build stronger community involvement in public education?

Civic Index for Education

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