Connections: A Journal of Public Education Advocacy - Fall 2002, Vol. 9, No. 2

by Bob Moses; Donna Cooper; Philip M. Condit; Phyllis McClure; Richard Riley; Wendy D. Puriefoy; William Novelli

Nov 8, 2002
President's Message - Wendy D. Puriefoy sees education as the universal liberator and children as our nation's most valuable resource.

Richard Riley on Transforming American Education - Don't shortchange adolescents, urges Richard W. Riley, Clinton administration secretary of education, as we build for a knowledge-driven economy.

Q&A: Bob Moses - Civil rights activist Bob Moses promotes math literacy as the key to education and economic access.

Making It Happen - Phyllis McClure, Title I expert, alerts parents and communities to valuable NCLB-mandated information on schools, districts, and states coming their way.

Viewpoint - Boeing Company CEO Philip M. Condit links the need for a worldclass workforce to the need for quality public education.

Conversations - Grassroots organizer Donna Cooper, Maryland lawmaker Pete Rawlings, and New York attorney Michael Rebell discuss accountability, adequacy, and fiscal equity as long-term investments in the future of our nation.

End Notes - William Novelli, CEO, on how AARP members put lifelong learning into action.
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